Laura Lozza

Laura Lozza is a thought leader, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, international business manager, executive coach and author. She has helped hundreds of senior executives and inter-cultural business teams in developing the confidence and competence to drive Business Innovation and Positive Change from Constructive Disagreements.

As co-founder and Managing Partner of the Norwegian–based firm Grooa AS, she leads a team of highly qualified consultants and coaches who provide strategic advice, C-Level coaching and Leadership Training to Blue Chip Companies across Europe.  The services of Grooa AS are offered in seven Languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian and Norwegian) and include Negotiation and Sales Training, Innovation and Technology Strategies, Influential Communication and Mindful Leadership.

A multilingual professional herself, Laura Lozza is an International Management graduate from IMD Lausanne, a Professional Certified Coach, a scholar of applied neuroscience, and the holder of a master of science and technology in macromolecular chemistry, with professional qualification as Chemist. 

Laura Lozza has over 25 year of international management experience under her belt, having served in Procter&Gamble (13 years) and in Norsk Hydro/Yara (14 years), in various operational and strategic positions, ranging from R&D to Sales & Marketing, from Business Development to General Management. 

Laura Lozza can be contacted through the contact form, or by email at: