We are innovators and scientists at the core; we believe in science; we specifically believe in integrating qualitative inductions from empirical observations with quantitatively  supported scientific theories.  

We propose methods that build on vast inside observations of the international business world with the most recent advances of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience.  We continuously test out methods to verify them and update them.  

We strive to develop methods that simplify the application of knowledge to our leadership and innovation training, without compromising on scientific rigour.

Leading with a Smile: the 3 pillars of philosophy

"Leading with a smile" is a metaphoric expression, intended to capture the end benefit of a concept approach based on the following three framework elements, or conceptual Pillars:  

  • Collective Distributed Leadership is a relatively novel concept. In contrast with the traditional elitist leadership definitions, we redefine leadership as an interactive responsibility, where everyone is an influencer irrespective of position ("Leadership is dead, long live leadership"). Learning to live our leadership makes us more creative, more influential, more engaged and happier.  
  • In todays complex global business work, leadership depends upon the collective mind; the primary skill of a modern leader is trust. The new rule of the game is trusting that others have important insights and that all together we can design a vision; this takes dedication to learning, sharing, failing and moving ahead together. Leadership is not a given, but a journey in the individual and collective consciousness ("Leadership is a Journey, not a State").  
  • Anxiety to know and to have the right answers too often works counterproductive to our influence. We cannot lead unless we are able to influence; and we cannot influence unless we set aside our ego and cultivate our determination to understand by in depth enquiries; learning how to ask critical questions is an essential skill to be influential. "Genuine Curiosity is the Birthplace of Influence" 

Research: The 3 Fears

The 3 fears of international business leaders: 

  • Fear of being incompetent
  • Fear of making wrong decisions
  • Fear of being vulnerable


A Clear Mindset

A Clear Mindset

This book provides an updated and no-nonsense framework for understanding and then overcoming the unconscious biases that hinder our ability to deal with disagreements and conflict in a constructive way. 

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The 7 qualities of brilliant executive coaching

The 7 qualities of brilliant executive coaching

By Laura Lozza

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