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We design leadership and talent development programs

for international organizations.

We also offer modular and flexible coaching/training programs

to international leaders.


 The CLEAR Mindset Master Class

Learn the confidence and skills necessary to transform disagreements, complaints, and difficult confrontations into engagement and innovation. 

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The Inspire & Influence Master Class

For international Leaders, self-selected programs

We help international leaders develop the confidence, presence and influence necessary to be at their best in situations of complexity, uncertainty and frequent changes. 

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The Mindful Leadership Gym

Mindfulness is not a technique to activate when we need it; it is a skill, an acquired capability. As such, it calls for regular and sustained practice, before it can become second nature. 

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For international Organizations, HR driven talent development programs

We help international organizations promote a trust-based culture that fosters open dialogue, innovation, resilienve, engagement and productive teamwork.

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Introductory Value Package


We believe that leadership development starts from leading ourselves, and that the foundation of leading ourselves is Self Awareness.
Hence we offer to both self-selected and company appointed individual an Introductory Value Program, with a rebate on additional training.