Shinrin-Yoku Inspiria

 Mindfulness for Presence, Influence and Leadership

Why is it important?

We have the innate capability to focus our attention on the “now” without distractions and to weather even the most challenging situations with clarity, resilience and sharp focus. But we are loosing this skill.

Modern life is bombarding us with stimulations and we are gradually becoming addicted to multitasking; neuroscience has clearly proven that multitasking (contrary to common belief) makes us less effective.

We need to re-learn the ability to clear our mind and refocus, in order to be more productive and happier.

One of the most effective mindfulness techniques for leaders is “forest bathing” (the Japanese technique of Forest Bathing). At our Grooa Inspiria Center we offer opportunities to practice this type of Mindfulness via guided slow walking Mindfulness tours in our privately owned Inspiria Forest, away from traffic and distractions, and to discuss the experience via guided Mindfulness Coaching.

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Content of Training Courses

The Neuroscience of Multitaksing: why our brain looses effectiveness in multitasking, why we get addicted and gradually loose the ability to focus and lead with clarity and focus.

Mindfulness is not religious meditation: top performing leaders are active and engaged in fierce debates, but have the ability to get present, “in the flow” and choose with clarity without judgment when they apply the skills of Mindfulness.

Guided Forest Bathing Walks, Coaching In the Moment and Practical Steps to keep Mindfull Habits in our everyday.

Training Opportunities

Shinrin Yoku Inspiria Weekend Retreat

Friday to Sunday
2 to 6 participants
Investment: 950 € per person (*) (extra-charge for single participant 300€)

Shinrin Yoku Inspiria Six Months Practice

1 to 6 participants
One weekly day/month at center and guidelines for at-home exercises
Investment: 1500 € per person (*)

(*) excluding applicable taxes and accommodation


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