Products for International Organizations

We help international organizations promote a trust-based culture that fosters open dialogue, innovation, resilience, engagement, and productive teamwork.

We offer standard and bespoke programs to support Talent Development; we specialise in Innovation, Change, Interculturalism/Diversity and Conflict Management

The C.L.E.A.R™ Mindset - Innovation and Constructive Disagreements

A Novel Neuroscience-based  Approach to Transform Disagreements and Conflicts into Engagement, Innovation and Positive Change 

Our Signature Methodology includes:

- How and when to choose a Conflict Management Strategy (Resolve, Prevent or Encourage Open Disagreement)

- How to Dare to Disagree in order to foster a courageous learning culture of trust-based open dialogue, that fuels innovation.

- A simple Five-Step Method to Transform Disagreements into Positive Change  

Read more at The C.L.E.A.R. Mindset web site!

Innovation, Leadership and EQ

Develop talents to be Innovative and interpersonally skilled

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Intercultural Communication

Develop talents to work across cultural borders

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Influential Negotiations

 Sales Training  

Fierce positivity

Advanced Social Skills to Lead Organizations.

Read more at the Fierce Positivity product page.

Bespoke courses and retreats

  • Team engagement and employees 
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership Development 


- PRISM Brain Mapping:  our most extensive neuroscience based assessment that includes Leadership Style &Preferences, EQ and Mental Toughness.  Available as self-assessment or 360 

- Traditional Leadership Competences Assessment developed and validated by our French Partners, Options RH 

- Debriefing competence to guide talents through MBTI or Lominger Assessments