Fierce positivity

We often hire talents based on their critical thinking ability to quickly spot and address risks, but we also need to train them to spot opportunities and lead with courage towards innovative possibilities.

Positive leadership is proven to be the single most important contributor to excellence in productivity and engagement (download the report)


The Neuroscience of Positivity: why our brain is hard-wired for negativity and how to make the positive shift

Positivity is not Optimism: top performing teams are not blindly optimistic; they are dedicated to accountability
and continuous learning, yet create a sense of possibility that engages and empowers everybody to contribute at
their best

The Practical Steps to endorse Positivity in the way we work.

Training Opportunities

Fierce Positivity Fundamentals

One-day interactive workshop at the venue of your choice
One trainer, up to 30 participants
Investment: 3950 € (*) 

Fierce Positivity Advanced

Three day residential course at selected European Locations
Two trainers, from 5 to 15 participants
Investment: 15600 € (*)

Fierce Positivity, Guided Executive Coaching

Six month Remote Executive Coaching
Training Material with tailored exercises,
Two remote sessions of 90 minutes per month with ICF Certified Executive Coach
Investment: € 4500 (*)

(*) excluding applicable taxes and additional travel + accommodation costs  

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