The Mindful Leadership Gym

Mindfulness is a well recognised skill that brings numerous benefits, like improved emotional control, decreased stress, enhanced ability to focus, and a general feeling of clarity and well-being.
Yet these benefits cannot be achieved in one day: Mindfulness is not a technique to activate when we need it; it is a skill, an acquired capability. As such, it calls for regular and sustained practice, before it can become second nature.
We can draw a parallel with being fit.  We do not get fit after one single day of fitness training. It takes more. Fitness requires learning the exercises to train the different muscles, implementing a formal training routine, and complementing it with healthy "in action" strategies (e.g. adopting ergonomic postures during daily tasks).  One day is not enough, but it does not take many days before we  start to notice a positive difference. With regular practice, staying fit becomes second nature. 
Likewise with Mindfulness: once we learn and regularly practice the necessary techniques, and implement complementary ”in action” strategies, being mindful can become second nature and help us both being happier and more successful. We may not find a benefit after the first day of training, but we probably start to reap some noticeable benefits already after a few days of practice.
That is why I have designed a simple and practical course to help you (1) learn the exercises that you need to get “mindfully fit”, (2) identify opportunities to intentionally practice and (3) design your own “in action” strategies. The course is inspired by the "The 9 Ways to be a Mindful Leader" (by Maria Gonzalez) and builds on it, to prove you with lost of practical examples and easy exercises to help you practice.  

I am now offering this course online, so you can learn at your own pace and from your own place. In 10 simple sessions, you will learn the specific techniques to practice the 9 key components of MindfulLeadership, with plenty of practical examples and application tips. You will be able to design your own follow-up program and make it a simple sustainable practice. 


"I have enjoyed the Mindful Leadership Gym course immensely due to few reasons. For a start The title itself is very true - Mindful Leadership "gym". Like with going to the gym it is about practicing, training and practicing some more. It has been a start of a journey for me and I fully intend to continue further on - and keep practicing. The 9 chapters build on each other and with the practical examples of "before" and "after" demonstrate what mastering the skills means in a real life - professional or personal - you get the benefit for both. Last but not least - the course led by Laura (with a smile ) is a joy to attend due to an informal and inclusive way of running the sessions - with time for Q&A and few chats during the sessions if the audience chooses to. It is a course which keeps giving as I find myself browsing through the materials very often" (Zuzana Matejovska, Global Innovation Executive, Krafts, Mondelez, Colgate, BAT)
"It has been a fantastic walk through body and mind and the way they work in some circumstances. Learning how to face recurrent mind paths, common and “personal” triggers and have tools to treat them is literally powerful. An involving agenda with several practical examples that you can touch and feel. "(Antonio Candido, Sales Manager Giocoplast, Universal, 20th Century Fox) 



ONLINE  Course, 11 LIVE sessions (Introduction + 9 Core Modules + Wrap-up session )   

LIVE every Thursday at 9:00 - Full Session Recording and Material available to all Registered Participants

Tuition Fee: 165 €

Upcoming Starting Dates in 2018:

January 18th  - Early Bird: 132 €   Please register here 

September 20