we are

We are thought leaders

We love to explore, ask provocative questions, gain new insights on how people collaborate, and propose new ways of enhancing their complementarity. We are keen to simplify complexity, offering models and methodologies that can be easily grasped and applied.

We are positive thinkers

We constantly look for opportunities to build on the existing strengths of people, organisations, cultures, and strategies, to enrich them and sustainably progress.

We are business savvy

We have extensive multicultural background, having worked in international businesses around the world, in a number or functions, from Board/C-suite to Operations, Innovation and M&A. We have academic scientific background as well as extensive leadership training credentials and professional coaching certifications.

We believe in Joy and Fun and Work

We believe in a fun, informal, and practical approach to collaboration, because enjoying work is the key to productivity and engagement.


Most of all, we are here for you, excited to co-create simple and effective solutions to strengthen your success.

Meaning of Grooa name

Grooa, or Gróa, is the name of a female figure from the old Norse mythology, who had the prophetic ability of foresight.

In modern terms, this might be interpreted as the allegoric evolution from the state of common knowledge to the higher state of wisdom that allows to recognise new patterns, identify opportunities, design visions and lead towards the unexpected and unprecedented with a leap of imagination that produces innovative solutions.

Why to choose us

Trusted by international leaders

Our approach is appreciated and trusted by business leaders of top-notch international organisations. We strategise with C-suite level, train and coach hundreds of global leaders yearly, provide frequent online and in-person leadership training and are proud to be valued by executives in organisations like Marel, Mars, Thermofisher, Loreal, BP, Pfizer, Mondelez, Rothkötter, NBCU, Aviva, Yara, BP, Unilever.

Simple and clear methodologies

We love simple and practical models. We design our training to be modular, sequential, practical and flexible so that it can be customised to meet personal or organisational needs. We also offer strategic tools that are simple to use, fun, practical, no-nonsense, original and memorable, so to create a clear mindset shift, instrumental to a sustainable transformational journey.

Exceptional qualifications

All our consultants and coaches are accomplished professionals, with top-level leadership and coaching credentials from world class academic and business training institutions (CTI, ICF, IMD, TIAS, MIT). They are themselves accomplished corporate leaders with extensive experience from international positions in companies like P&G, Marel, J&J, Mars, BP, Philips, Sony, Norsk Hydro, Stork, Micromec, Yara.

Multicultural and diverse

Diversity of ideas is our key Core Value: we believe it is the birthplace of true innovation and human evolution; we are role models of unleashing the power of diversity. We are international, speak many languages and have worked in several countries on 5 continents, successfully implementing inclusive approaches; you can count on us to relentlessly challenge perspectives and assumptions in order to continue to learn and capitalise on differences.

Our Mission
and Values

We want to bring a Confident and Courageous Collaborative approach (Leading with a Smile) to modern international businesses, to help them better cope with a VUCA world.

Our Core Values guide the way we want to be within our team and with our Clients:

  • Simplicity from Complexity
  • Knowledge from Information
  • Focus on the Human Side with Courage and a Smile
  • Diversity of Ideas and respect for all Diversities
  • Fun at work

Get in touch


We are always happy to hear from you, feel free to send us your comments, suggestions, or feedback.If you would like to receive some more information, we are also happy to share some of our additional examples, or arrange for an informal free and non-binding online chat.