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Do You Want to develop an entrepreneurial organization, able to create sustainable long-term growth?

Do You Want to foster a learning culture based on Open Dialogue?

Do You Want to prepare your team to leverage on market and technology changes and turn them into innovative opportunities?

Do You Want to unleash the potential of your team in order to ideate, design and execute innovative solutions?

Do You Want for yourself and your team to nurture the confidence, inquisitiveness, transparency, courage and business acumen that will make you co-create a better future for your business 

       What we offer:

  • Strategic Consultancy for C-suite
  • CLEARMindset Innovation Leadership Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Bespoke Leadership Development Programs, designed to support the specific needs of your organization
  • Online Training
  • International, multiculturally fluent consultants and coaches with in-depth business expertise and a world-class record of innovation achievements
  • A no-nonsense practical approach complemented by extensive leadership, innovation and neuroscience studies

The C.L.E.A.R.™ Mindset


The increasing complexity, ambiguities and  fast pace in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem require that we rethink how to train our talents, to be more collaboratively agile, entrepreneurial and innovative.

Grooa is at the forefront of Innovation Leadership Training,  with the CLEARMindset Curriculum (including 1-day workshops, 3-day retreats and online programs) 

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Leading with a Smile" is a journey to our highest levels of personal and collective consciousness.

Leadership is dead, long live leadership

Leadership is dead, long live leadership

Leadership is a Journey, not a State

Leadership is a Journey, not a State

Genuine Curiosity as Birthplace of influence

Genuine Curiosity as Birthplace of influence

"Practice makes perfect"

It's not just a cliché

While we constantly strive to design flexible training options that can be thought-provoking, stimulating and of immediate practical application, we are also aware that embedding the learning in our everyday takes dedication, persistence and ample opportunities to apply the theory to real life situations.

Learning goes faster and it is more fun when we practice.

Let's take the exciting learning journey together!

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Top 3 Fears of International Business Leaders

Find out about the 3 top of mind fears – shared by every leader – that affect our ability to influence and to drive consistent results
  • Being found out to be incompetent

    3. Being found out to be incompetent

    Even the best leaders tend to focus more on preparing answers for fear of not showing enough competence, rather than on building the courage and confidence to ask influential questions; yet it is the latter behaviour that build more credibility and influence

  • Fear of making the wrong decisions

    2. Fear of making the wrong decisions

    Too often our fear of underachieving drives us to put ourselves under extreme pressure, resulting in personal stress and fatigue, and creating fatigue in the organisations around us.

  • Fear of being vulnerable

    1. Fear of being vulnerable

    We are too often considering emotions as weakness, and the sharing of feelings derived from our emotions as proof that we are not rational. Modern neuroscience has helped us understand the fallacy of these assumptions. Awareness and sharing of emotions and feelings can makes us strong and impactful, as well as being a highest form of rationality.

    We can learn to channel emotions and thus inspire others, ensure accountability and create positive change.

We can help!

The Executive Coaching program with Laura helped me overcome the anxieties and self-doubts that used to hold me back in the past [...]

- Tatyana Tsaneva, Regional Head, Corporate Clients,
Societe Generale (Bulgaria)

Helped me better overcome a conflict situation in my team and be at my best as a leader

- Csaba Burjan
MD Unilever Food Systems

Being coached by Laura was a positive and empowering experience. It has made it easier for me to make
better choices and given me more energy in my everyday life.

 - Anne Mette Langholm,
Yara International