Increase productivity and engagement, by choosing what meeting to attend and how

Attending too many meetings is a well-known organizational disease; not only do we often waste time and resources, but we also actually decrease productivity and engagement. Unfortunately, remote teams tend to have about 15% more meetings than on site teams.

How can we better choose what are the meetings that are worth launching or attending to, and which ones are not? How do we make sure that we only attend when we can truly contribute and help reduce the meetings overload?

This course will provide practical guidance to help you simplify your schedule and improve your team collaboration with fewer well selected meetings, by using both IQ and EQ skills.


Leading Effective Virtual Meetings

The shifting perspective: virtual meetings can be easy and more inclusive, but can also be misused.

How do you organise virtual meetings for maximum impact?

How do you choose what to attend and how for optimum impact?


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