Have you ever wondered how some business teams predictably achieve breakthrough innovation? Time and again, research indicates that positive change thrives where ideas conflict – and our perspectives clash. Think about yourself and your organization. Do you show the curiosity and courage to listen to one another’s views, while keeping your options open until each puzzle piece fits? Does everyone feel confident to speak up, argue, and contribute? Are you all genuinely dedicated to agile experimentation? Or does the anxiety to quickly find answers hinder open dialogue?

While most leaders start by painting a compelling vision and setting up their own “effective” decision process – this model doesn’t guarantee productivity. As Prof. Linda Hill (“Collective Genius”) says, to truly innovate together, we must unlearn many of the classical notions around leadership and learn behaviors that lead to “co-creation”.

“Innovation Leadership” skills teach us to disagree more effectively and enthusiastically. Embracing complexity in communication isn’t taught in traditional leadership programs. But successful innovation teams are demanding and generous with a curiosity for exploring differences. They’re argumentative when challenging paradigms, but confidently confront the anxieties of open dialogue. These same people relentlessly search for breakthrough solutions to shared business goals.

In our last ten years of training, coaching and researching, working with leaders and teams in large companies across different sectors (like Unilever, NBCU, HSBC, Pfizer, Mars, Mondelez, Yara, Schibsted) we at Grooa have identified the 5 key leadership skills that support the Courageous Conversation necessary to harness Team’s “Clashing” Ideas To Supercharge Business Growth.


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Our online offer now includes a free introduction to these key skills in a series of three interactive webinars (two hours each). You can register here

Sept. 11, 2020: Intro and Module 1, Clear Presence of Mind

Sept 18, 2020: Module 2, Lead with the Heart and Module 3, Engage and Enquire

Sept 25, 2020: Module 4, Align in Ambiguity and Module 5, Resourceful in Innovation


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Lead with a Smile!

Laura Lozza, Managing Partner Grooa AS