How are you holding up?

I hope you and all your beloved are healthy and safe.
So am I, healthy and safe so far, except … at times struggling to stay sane.
The protracted length of our “state of uncertainty and alert” is taking a toll on everybody, not only the sick ones and the heroes out there who support all the necessary infrastructures and services, but just about everyone.

As I wrote in the March Newsletter I am trying to somewhat contribute, in the way I can, by offering my time for some free online Group Coaching and Training Sessions about Mental Safety.
(remember there are still two sessions this week)

For April, I have thought I offering a couple other things:

1. First of all, during earlier Group Coaching sessions and in discussions with some of my Executive Clients, I noticed interest for the SCARF Model (developed by Dr. Rock, founder of the Neuroleadership Institute). I have therefore decided to offer a specific recap in the form of a recorded presentation video.
2. Also, since the Grooa Inspiria Learning Center is now closed and we have put on hold all our workshops, training courses and retreats, which usually include nice mindful walks in our forest, I have recorded one of my short walks in the forest, to bring you images of nature.

This is all for now, except I want to wish you a healthy and quiet Easter (with social distances).
For the occasion, I have added a small Easter Egg Gift below.


Managing Partner
Grooa AS