For the last 15 minutes I have been sitting in front of the screen, pondering whether I wanted to start this letter with the traditional “Happy New Year” message or not. Initially I was not going to do it, it felt a bit like a perfunctory act, while I want my newsletters to be sincere and personal. But I finally decided that I really wanted to extend a warm virtual hug and share a message of kindness and hope to all of you. The last year has been quite hard in many ways, with shattered expectations that the pandemic would be over and done with; we have of course learnt a lot trying to cope and adapt; so we are all actually more aware and more resilient; but we are all definitely more tired – sometimes really exhausted – as well. I think that we all need to intentionally choose to stay open and positive and not allow lazy or cynical feelings to take over.So here are my heart-felt wishes:
May the year 2022 be the year when we succeed in being kinder to ourselves and to each other, dare to add time for dreams in our plans, and truly lead courageously with a smile!

Now to our News:

  • As promised in the largely appreciated December Newsletter (I am grateful for all the nice comments that I received), we are going to keep our news quick and simple, with a few easy to read bullet points, and you can always contact me if you wish to know more.
  • I have also decided to be crystal clear about the 3 elements of our purpose and capture its essence in the newsletter title “Inspire Inclusive Innovation”.  Our “Why” is our belief that only an inclusive dialogue can fuel sustainable and innovative growth. Hence we wish to inspire the courage of trusting (rather than giving in to suspicions and fear of the different), and to learning from each other through courageous conversations.

Read on and enjoy!

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Lead with a Smile!

Laura Lozza
Managing Partner, Grooa AS
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Addressing your most pressing questions about leadership, strategy, business collaborations, delegation, priority setting, stress and much more. Practical tips, short stories, metaphors and anecdotes. Some Episode Titles:
“Dealing with a Dumping Boss”
“How to make Change less Hard”

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Leadership and Cuisine

To use as group-work in workshops and leadership metaphor!

Lentil Soup = Talents in Disguise

How it was founded, how it grew, how they escaped, how they are now regrouping

There is prejudice around lentils (food for the poor), but it is healthy and delicious food. Try this:
Stir fry in olive oil chopped carrot/celery/onion; add 200 g washed brown lentils and 600 dl warm water; cook for ca. 25 min. Half way add some tomato paste, salt, pepper, chilli pepper and a garlic clove (to remove at the end). Last 5 minutes add a spoon of cream cheese and short pasta. Serve with a blob of sour cream and pepper on top. Breadsticks to the side.

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Because of the unique CLEAR Mindset methodology, Grooa was recognised as one of the top 10 providers of Leadership Development training and coaching in Europe by HR Magazine.
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