As I am writing the last “bulletin” of this crazy year, I am thinking of the learning that I want to bring over to the next year.

The pandemic is not over yet, so some things are not yet changing:

We still need to apply all the patience, resilience and stamina that has supported us so far.
We still need to focus on staying healthy while supporting at a distance those who are not.
We still need to survive at best in the jobs we have or find ways to reinvent ourselves from the job we lost.

But as we go about re-building some optimism in a new year that promises vaccines and revisited dialogues about democracy, I think we also need to take a hard look at the inequalities created by the pandemic and do sometime about it. This is my own intention for next year: focus more on advocating for equality.

Here is a challenge though: advocating an idea is always more successful when we are using dialogue rather than preaching.

For example, everyone of us has experienced this year’s difficulties in different ways, so everyone has developed very different ideas about what has made things bad and how to make things better again. Everyone has an idea about what to advocate and we are all eager to communicate our ideas, like how to use or remove KPIs and year-end reviews; how to continue to work from home or not; using quotas or monetary incentives for minorities; how to use taxes, pensions age, state investments in private businesses, etc.

My tip:
Remember that the eagerness to share our ideas, opinions and envisaged solutions is the main obstacle to be really influential. We cannot be successful by preaching and hammering our ideas onto others; we need to apply interactive listening. We need to share/offer our opinion as one of the possible options and then enquire with genuine curiosity about the opinion of the other person. We can then play back what we hear (probably learning new insights), add our own insights and ask again, creating a learning dialogue. Remember that listening is not passive and an interactive dialogue will give your own ideas a better chance to be grasped by others, while you will also be able to further refine your own ideas with the inputs of others.

My gift to you for the Holiday Season:
My Holiday Gift gift to you is a free 30 min. online Strategy Session to discuss how YOU can have more impact by applying Open Dialogue, Active Listening and a more influential Negotiating Style. Just click on the link below and we will get back to you with options to talk with myself or one of our coaches.
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Meanwhile, I offer you the video of our multicultural team’s festive food (see link below)
and I wish you a healthy, safe and peaceful Holiday!

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