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An exclusive, homely and unconventional Venue  

The Grooa Inspiria Leadership Center is a delightful destination in the Dutch countryside where you can experience leadership training in an inspiring and relaxing environment, surrounded by a bucolic landscape.

Located in Nord Brabant,  just 30 minutes drive from Eindhoven, this new sustainable Learning Facility, powered by solar energy, restructured using recycled material and surrounded by a protected green area with woods, forests and wild flower fields, started in pilot mode during March 2017, with an initial offer of workshops and one-day courses.

Recently equipped with residential facilities, the Center offers Leadership Retreats that have inspired many professionals, leaders and self-employed entrepreneurs. 

The Center is intended to be a point of attraction and reference for a disrupting dialogue around "Leadership Development In the 4th Industrial Revolution Era".  

While being mainly dedicated to the Grooa Training courses, retreats and workshops, we also make the Center available for meetings and events on broader themes relevant to the Brainport and international innovation community of interest . 

Our staff of business-savvy and certified trainers and coaches design and facilitate team events focused on enhancing collaboration, engagement, shared ownership and accountability.

To learn more about the current Workshops and Retreats or to arrange your own Team Event at the Grooa Inspiria Learning Center, just send us a mail with your questions and we will get back to you within 24 h:

What you can also experience at the GROOA INSPIRIA LEARNING CENTER

Shinrin Yoku - forest bathing

"Shinrin Yoku" is Japanese for "forest bathing", and consists of a relaxing walk in the forest to practice Being Present and Focused Mindfulness.

At the Grooa Inspiria Training Center, you can experience this in combination with coaching, natural food and more.

Focussed Mindfulness is a proven practice that helps clear our thoughts and build Mental Strength, in addition to reducing stress and opening up our Emotional Intelligence and Creativity.

We typically complement some of our retreats and facilitated team meetings with a Shinrin You experience.

We also design tailored Shinrin Yoku experiences for groups of at least 4 people. 

Contact us for more details:

"A relaxed body is a productive mind"


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Images of the our own private forest

Including Forest Bathing, the Grooa Inspiria forest is also used for various outdoor activities (like "treasure hunt" organised by the nearby manège (horse riding association) and for public and private parties. For example, every summer our forest is used as a location for the licensed  Woetstok Feest