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    We meet online every other Wednesday at 4:30 pm CET alternating Inspirational Speakers sessions with Leadership Practise sessions. Each session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and attendance is of course optional. All Speakers sessions, and some of the Leadership Practice Sessions are recorded and all the recordings are available to members of the community.

    The yearly membership fee is a modest 120€, which will give you a unique opportunity to:

    • Enjoy a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss relevant topics with other international businesswomen;


    • Join small size discussion groups, that give ample opportunities for all participants to interact (we keep the community small, and we may split in separate rooms if necessary in case of larger attendance);


    • Extend your network: see the page “Our Community” to explore all past, present, and speaking LIS WOMAN participants;


    • Broaden perspective and practice your leadership, getting to know and interact with other international businesswomen;


    • Contribute with your own insights, experience, advice, and suggestions: a sounding board chance to test your ideas and presentation skills;


    • Support and cross-mentor each other, both during the organised bi-weekly sessions and in separate one-on-one occasions that you are welcome to organise with other current members or potentially Alumni and Speakers;


    • Optionally profile yourself on social media and/or take part in designing sessions, either by offering yourself as an Inspirational Speaker, or by suggesting themes/speakers/new members;


    • Get discounts for Grooa online training programs;


    • Access all the Speakers presentations, a large pool of inspirational videos, recorded in the last three years of LIS WOMAN sessions, and only available to members;


    • and much more to discover ..

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