Viktoria Sundquist holds a PhD in Technology Management and is now a senior lecturer at the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Her research focus is on innovation and renewal within the building sector with a special interest in inter-organizational interaction. Recent research projects aiming at a more sustainable built environment address, for instance, gender equality in the construction process, future scenarios of digital transformation in the built environment ecosystem, and logistics in circular material flows. She is also the scientific leader for Sustainable Construction Logistics at the Centre for Management of the Built Environment, and leader of the thematic area Value Chains and Business Models in the strategic innovation programme Smart Built Environment.

Hanna Johansson holds a Master of Science in Construction Management at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. She now works as a contracting engineer at the construction contractor ByggDialog, which builds community properties in partnering and runs projects from preliminary study to final inspection. Currently working with an reconstruction of sewage treatment plants in Kungsbacka municipal for approximately SEK 1.2 Billion. She has a professional interest in organizational culture and norms in the male dominated construction industry. In the research project “Gender equality in the construction process for an attractive construction industry” she, together with Viktoria Sundquist and William Stensönes, developed a road map for the Swedish construction industry to create favorable conditions for gender equality and achieve greater diversity.