Ralu Nistor-Lustermans is a coach, a seasoned internal auditor, a board member, part of the audit and risk committee, and the founder of ERNL a business advisory and coaching consultancy, which aim is to awaken and transform organisations’ consciousness and create human centred organisations.

In the last two decades Ralu lived and worked in Italy, Ireland, France, the UK and now in the Netherlands. She worked for Deloitte Italy, Smurfit Kappa, Atos, Post Office UK and Grant Thornton UK, holding various leadership positions. Ralu holds various masters’ degrees in applied statistics and corporate governance, and she trained in NLP, applied neuroscience, positive psychology and as a mental health first aider.

She is a wife, mom to two super energetic boys and stepmom to a wonderful young man.

Her personal mission is to contribute to create a world & communities in which everyone gets the chance to be at their best, where we learn to celebrate what makes us unique and accept our diversities as a source of co-creating result.