Originally a farmhouse, with adjoining meadows, woodland, and a small forest, powered by solar energy, renovated with recycled and sustainable materials, with a cozy and minimalistic interior, the Grooa Inspiria Learning Center is ideal for off-site meetings and workshops.

Surrounded by nature, it offers an opportunity to stimulate creativity and learning.

The Grooa Inspiria Learning Center is a delightful destination in the Dutch countryside where you can attend leadership and mindfulness training or organize your own, in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Located in North Brabant, just 30 minutes drive from Eindhoven, this new sustainable Learning Facility, powered by solar energy, restructured using recycled material and surrounded by a protected green area with woods, forests and wild flower fields, will pre-open in March to host Leadership, Innovation, Intercultural and Shinrin-Yoku Mindfulness retreats.

Grooa AS is a partnership of Thought Leaders who consult with European Clients on subjects of Leadership Behavior and Strategic Innovation. All the Partners have extensive international experience in the business and academic arena and have developed a portfolio of products and services that are appreciated by Clients across a number of sectors (e.g. Media, Consumer Goods, Banks, Insurances, Engineering, Energy and Food Processing)

We specialize in Constructive Disagreements that lead to Innovation, Change Management and Diversity/Inclusion. We use the most modern neuroscience-based approaches including Mindful Leadership and Co-Active Coaching.

While Grooa AS is officially registered as a Limited Responsibility Company in Oslo, Norway, we have made a significant investment in the Inspiria Center in Netherlands in order to be centrally placed with our European Clients and to be especially able to serve the fast developing Brainport area.

The Grooa Inspiria Learning Center will open in March 2017 and will offer:

Workshops on Constructive Disagreements that lead to Innovation, using our proprietary approach, the C.L.E.A.R.™ Mindset Method
Mindful Leadership Programs, including Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) walks in the privately owned forest
Facilitation of Teamwork Workshops and Executive Coaching
A secluded Venue where to arrange your own workshops in a quiet environment with possibility to add activities like: horse riding, biking, visits to local organic food producers

Our main programs are offered in English, but we have a number of multilingual consultants and coaches who cover the majority of European Languages.