Do you know what today is the biggest obstacle to being innovative?

I do not mean being technologically inventive (this is actually relatively easy).

I mean having a positive and trusting approach to being truly innovative in our everyday, daring to voice a different opinion, or to seriously listen to a totally diverging point of view with the genuine curiosity of learning something new, challenging the status quo, creating new collaborations, collectively thinking out of the box?

I am talking about INNOVATION LEADERSHIP AIMED AT CREATING COLLECTIVE GENIUS. I am talking about the ability to open a learning dialogue and to co-create. This is very difficult today.

Something seems to mine our confidence to dare, speak up and co-create.

Why is that?

It appears that the vast majority of leaders today suffer of “constant-change fatigue”.

Yes, continuous change creates stress and stress creates fatigue.

Changes that take time to be implemented do create many uncertainties and our brain really dislikes that; our brain always looks for a solution, a certainty, and gets tired of not finding answers. Especially large organisations are often slow in finalising internal changes and reluctant to communicate anything until all is clear, leaving many hanging around in ambiguity, not knowing which way to move.

When we are stressed, tired and feel trapped into a spiral of uncertainties and ambiguities, our engagement can be affected and the first thing we tend to do is to find comfort in “the usual”. We sit in our comfort zone waiting for turbulent times to pass and the innovation spirit is the first thing that goes down the drain, along with the joy and the fun to experiment and co-create.

But turbulent times are here to stay. Change will continue to be the norm.

Unless we learn to embrace change, we will not be able to get back having fun and feeling engaged and productive.

Unless we learn to effectively deal with the uncertainties of change, the discomfort of disagreements, and the fear of confronting different views, we will not be able to experience the thrill of innovation and co-creation.

Where to start?

There are some instinctive biases that make us avoid the new and different, fight against it, or rationalise our own status-quo position: they are the same biases that make us ineffective in critical conversations and that hinder our ability to be curious about possibilities and innovative alternatives.

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